Hundreds Attend Virtual Seminar on Nationalism and Globalization

July 16, 2020 saw more than three hundred people attend a Zoom conference on Nationalism and Globalization convened by the Institute for Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS) in conjunction with the Horn Institute for Strategic Studies.

The Conference themed, “Retreat to Nationalism in the 21st Century Globalization: Lessons for Africa from COVID-19” brought together students, scholars and industry experts from different parts of the world.

Keeping Hope Alive: Prof. Bahemuka’s Challenge to the Youth

We are facing a public health crisis that has never been witnessed before in the history of the modern world.  Like a whirlwind, Covid-19 struck the world so fast no one seems to understand what it is that is happening.  In a single, ominous strike COVID-19 has killed thousands, shut down economies, rendered millions jobless and overseen closure of schools. Practically, COVID-19 has completely disrupted all spheres of our lives in ways we couldn’t ever have imagined before.

Elimika Youth Programme Response to CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Keep Hope Alive

At moments of distress, the call to renew hope in our nation, families, comrades and friends is critical.
Our clarion call at the moment should be to keep hope alive. Together, let’s search for knowledge, embrace it, understand it, and share it to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.
Let’s be bold, courageous, talk openly about the pandemic, analyse information, discard myths, get facts and avoid fear.
This is the age of modern technology. Information can be generated and shared to help save lives. Elimika is about knowledge, technology and sound utilization of both.

University of Nairobi Moves to Online Classes amid COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the widening Coronavirus pandemic, the University of Nairobi has moved face to face classes online.

While communicating to staff and students during closure of the university on March 16, Vice Chancelor, Prof. Stephen Kiama said, “The supervision of postgraduate students and learning of students registered for open and distance learning shall continue to be managed through online platforms.”