Justice Oscar Angote Excited about Historic University of Nairobi Online Exams

This was a first for Justice Oscar Angote!

If it were normal times he would be at the parklands campus for his final end of semester exams-instead he had to write his exams right from his office at the Machakos law courts.

“Although it was exam day, I had never felt so comfortable- I was going to after all sit for my exams in office immediately after I was done with work.” said Justice Angote.


Speaking during the preparations for the exams, the Director CASELAP, Dr. Collins Odote explained the steps and measures the Centre had undertaken in ensuring the exams were conducted successfully. All the secretaries were sensitized on how to operate google drive, they were also provided with a reliable internet connection to allow them to receive and type the exams.  A secure email address from CASELAP exam centre was also created to ensure the exams were secure.