The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is undergoing Performance Contract Evaluation for the Financial Year 2022/2023. 


University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama pointed out that the purpose of the PC evaluation is for efficiency and accountability, to see how departments have performed over a given financial period. The PC also helps in making improvements where we have lagged behind.  He reiterated the fact that the PC is aligned with Kenya Vision 2030, Strategic Plan.

“The PC is based on the resources we have. Let us work with the resources we have”, he said. The Vice Chancellor also gave a historical view of how the University operated without the performance contract before the year 2003.  “It was chaotic and highly unorganized and the PC has helped a lot in service delivery”.  The Vice Chancellor also noted that the PC is aligned to the University Values of  ; Freedom of Thought and Expression, Innovativeness and Creativity , Good Corporate Governance , Team Spirit and Teamwork, Professionalism , Quality Customer Service , Responsible Corporate Citizenship and Strong Social Responsibility , Respect for and Conservation of the Environment.

Speaking during the exercise, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Brian Ouma observed that as the University of Nairobi Staff, we all support the reforms.  The University of Nairobi has been undertaking various reforms being : data reforms, financial reforms, personnel reforms, among others.

He outlined that the University of Nairobi is operating in a very dynamic environment and hence we need to continuous embrace challenges even as we mobile the financial resource. He added that the Performance Contract is aligned to the University Strategic Plans.  

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Ephraim Wahome was in total agreement with the Vice Chancellor in implementing the University reforms to help improve the university process and operations.