Victimology and Victim Support call for papers

This Conference focus is on the theme ‘Emerging Role of Victimology and Victim Assistance in Changing Times’

Conference Objectives

  1. To provide a forum for stakeholders both international and local, to deliberate and share information and ideas on Forensic Victimology and victim support.
  2. To create an experience exchange forum for academicians, policy makers and victim advocacy practitioners to understand the role of victim support in changing times.
  3. To understand victimology as a multi-disciplinary approach where subjects like law, sociology, criminology, psychology, gender and education converge to improve the quality of life for those in society experiencing misfortune.
  4. To create a networking platform for partnership formation, tackle issues dealing with victimology and crime victimization.
  5. To show case good practice of supporting victims and survivors on their journey to recovery and resilience building.
  6. To contextualize Kenya Victim Protection Act 2014 within global victimology discourse.
  7. To create a network of scholars from various universities, institutions and other related organizations that will spearhead the process and utilization of forensic victimology and victim support within their structures.

 CONFERENCE SUB-THEMES (22nd—24thNovember 2021)

Sub themes

  • Theory and Practice in victimization
  • Rights of vulnerable victims and the Criminal Justice System
  • The notion of ‘Victimhood’ and historical Injustices
  • Trauma and stigmatization in psychological theory and practice
  • Victims of online crimes; cybercrime, fraud, money laundering, impersonation, social media
  • Understanding Mental Health and Victimization
  • Victims of Environmental Injustices
  • Victims of Political Violence
  • Victimization of Human Trafficking, Immigrants/Refugees/internal displaced persons
  • Victims of violence; Violence against Women, Violence within Family (Includes: Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse, and Old Age
  • Vulnerability and victimization: Victims of COVID 19.victims of Institutional and Organizations structure
  • Role of stakeholders in Victim assistance: Government, NGOs, CBOs, Research groups, opinion leaders etc.
  • Policies and research towards Prevention of Victimization.
  • Emerging issues in Victimology and victimization.

 Call for Papers

The conference also welcome papers in the field of Victimology, criminology, sociology, Psychology, law and other related fields.

We will accept abstracts between 250-400 words.

Full original paper submissions under 12,000 words, will be submitted as per the guidelines which will be provided after acceptance of abstract

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