65th UoN Graduation

“Let us refuse to be prisoners of history and deliberately prepare ourselves for the journey ahead. Like Martin Luther King Jr, we may not have the whole staircase, but we ought to take the first step in faith.” Emphasized Dr. Vijoo Rattansi, OGW, Chancellor, the University of Nairobi at the 65th graduation ceremony.


Dr. Rattansi encouraged the class of 2021 that graduation presents an opportunity to start afresh and to embark on new beginnings.

As the Chancellor was awarding the Higher Doctor of Science Degree to Prof. Fredrick Were, the 7th recipient of a higher doctorate degree of the University of Nairobi.

On her part, the Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Education, Ms. Mumina Gallo Bonaya pointed out,  that in difficult times, universities must step-up to offer leadership in research, innovation, and technology. She thus encouraged the graduating class: 

“You the graduands carry the hope for a better future for our country. You must find ways of contributing to national development with all the knowledge that you have acquired. It is your time to make your contribution in nation-building.”

Ms. Bonaya was delivering a speech on behalf of the CS, Education Prof. George Magoha.


The Vice-Chancellor, UoN, Prof. Stephen Kiama echoed Ms Mumina’s sentiments and vowed to continue implementing measures that promote National Cohesion and National Values.  

 “Everybody irrespective of his /her background should consider the University as his /her home. We shall accord everybody the opportunity to grow and thrive at the university without

discrimination. We shall continue to promote diversity.”


Speaking on behalf of the University Council, Eng. Kariuki Muchemi strongly urged the youth; in the context of exercising their civic duties, to avoid being misled or misused by continuing to  stand together as comrades and to always hold politicians accountable.


Kirubel Mathewos Alemu a graduand of Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology, 2021 valedictorian, reflected on the painful journey encourntered by comrades in a bid to complete their studies.

 “In my time, no two years were the same. Each year we faced new challenges and each time members of the university pulled through with outstanding resolve.


While UoN’s Alumni Association Chairman, Mr. Isaac Awuondo encouraged the class of 2021 to join the Alumni Association as the experience will prove vital in shaping their careers, their commmunities and will go a long way in supporting their alma to achieve world-class status.


4,205 students were awarded certificates at the 65th graduation; 1 Higher Doctorate Degree, 79 PhD Degrees, 378 Masters, 17 postgraduate diplomas, 3,459 Bachelors, 271 Diplomas. 36.7 % of the graduands were females while 63.3% were male.