Today 26th May 2020 marks a historic day in the Calendar of the University of Nairobi. The University administered the first virtual exams to Environmental Law students from CASELAP (Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law & Policy).

Director CASELAP, Dr. Collins Odote - Online Exam

Speaking during the preparations for the exams, the Director CASELAP, Dr. Collins Odote explained the steps and measures the Centre had undertaken in ensuring the exams were conducted successfully. All the secretaries were sensitized on how to operate google drive, they were also provided with a reliable internet connection to allow them to receive and type the exams.  A secure email address from CASELAP exam centre was also created to ensure the exams were secure.

The exams were then be uploaded online two days to the date of the examinations based on the examination guidelines.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Nairobi has continued to offer classes to the students using google classrooms. So far, over 500 online classes have been conducted successfully

During a recent media interview the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kiama assured all the graduates joining the job market this year will do so without fail. He also confirmed on the University’s commitment to deliver wholistic market ready graduates.

The exam started at 2.00p.m and ended successfully at 6.00pm.