October 23, 2:24 pm

School of Business, University of Nairobi, Lower Kabete Campus
Lower Kabete - Nairobi

Our theme is “Managing 21st Century Realities"


School of Business, University of Nairobi, Lower Kabete Campus
Lower Kabete - Nairobi

21st century is full of surprises, both cultural and technology. The surprises are both local and global. The surprises resulting from unprecedented change have stretched the creativity and imaginations of ordinary workers, managers, CEOs, academics and policy makers. What we thought as domain of professionals and intellectuals is now for everyone. What we thought was the stuff of scientific fiction is now the reality. From our homes to workplace, we face new realities. From internet of things to WhatsApp groups, from millennials and their freedom, from policy makers who must confront global issues that are more unpredictable, from more efficient supply chains to new payment methods like mpesa, we face new realities in whatever our job description. We face the new realities at home, work place, in Diaspora and even in space where return to moon and visiting Mars are objectives of private sector led Space industry. 

AIBUMA@10 will address the new realities. It does not matter if you are a practitioner, student, a hustler, a sonko, or high flyer. It does not matter if you live in leafy suburb or concrete jungle. It does matter if you are in HR, economics, operations , accounting , finance , marketing, supply chain or even interdisciplinary; we want you to share the new realities of the 21st century. How has it changed your work place, the processes, relationships, hiring, CEO’s power? What are the opportunities presented by the new reality? What are your fears? You can extrapolate that to the past or the future. 

Our theme is “Managing 21st Century Realities“

Our Sub-themes are:

  1. Interconnectedness and Artificial Intelligence - how far can we go?
  2. Empowered workers- What does it all mean to managers and boards
  3. Rise of individualism- do we need a countervailing force? 
  4. Marketing to millennials and Generations Z and A
  5. Convergence of Operations and ICT: what next?
  6. Globalization of supply chains- from SGR to one belt, one road project
  7. Interdisciplinary thinking- is that the new normal? 
  8. Rise of China; beyond China and USA trade wars
  9. Greening the world; from climatic change to sustainabledevelopment goals
  10. Innovation and technology-beyond creativity
  11. We welcome other issues that analyze the 21st Century realities either from a practitioners or academics perspective

Who Should Attend

AIBUMA @10 conference brings together leading academics, researchers and business leaders to exchange and share their experiences and research.  We encourage interdisciplinary   research and collaborations.  You can participate in a number of ways;

  • Research papers
  • Presentation of ideas in gestation e.g. proposals
  • Panels
  • Posters
  • Fishbowl
  • TED talk 

Please contact the conference chair Prof.  XN Iraki to arrange your preferred format of presentation.

Send your abstracts or synopsis to Wniraki@uonbi.ac.ke or Xniraki@gmail.com  or hilda@uonbi.ac.ke. Undergraduates and postgraduates students are encouraged to contribute. There is a prize for the best graduate and undergraduate paper/presentation. You can call me on 0733655262.

Note: Accepted papers will be peered reviewed and published FOR FREE inAfrica International Journal of Business and Management (AJBUMA)- ISSN 2079-410 X

Event contact information

CALL 0733655262.