Women participation in Kenya Constitution 2010

The WEE Hub completed the production of the first three episodes of the Pathfinders' video series.
The videos are part of the outputs of a study by the WEE Hub on the “Strategies that women used to contribute to the Kenya Constitution 2010 making process, with an objective of drawing lessons from women's self-mobilization to inform policy advocacy for WEE”.  
The study interviewed and recorded videos of some of the women involved in the constitution-making process, following which the Hub in partnership with CRAWN TRUST produced video documentaries - including the following:
i) Women participation in Key stages of constitution-making in Kenya (16.52 Minutes, focused on Hon. Martha Karua and Hon. Phoebe Asiyo).
ii) How women built each other’s individual capacity to carry and negotiate for women’s agenda (12.50 Minutes, focused on Hon. Eddah Gachukia, Hon. Phoebe Asiyo, and Dr. Ida Odinga).
iii) The role of women and women organizations and individual commitment towards the process of constitution-making (14.15 Minutes, focused on Dr. Nancy Baraza, Dr. Ida Odinga, and Kamla Sikand).
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