In the recent University of Nairobi Students' Association (UNSA) elections held on 27th March 2024, it was widely regarded as a big success. Team Benard Ojiambo emerged victorious in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, bringing a new era of leadership.

The chairperson, Benard Ojiambo, and his team introduced a breath of fresh air to the faculty. Alongside Benard, there were other dedicated members like Eunice Wawuda as Vice-Chairperson, Emmanuel Odhiambo as Secretary-General, and Damaris Wayua as Treasurer. They also included Ian Branson for Sports & Social Welfare, Daisy Anyanga for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and Innocent Nyoni for International Students.

With Team Benard Ojiambo at the helm, the University of Nairobi can anticipate positive changes and progress in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Congratulations to Team Benard Ojiambo for your win! Your leadership is poised to inspire others and make a tangible difference on campus.

The elections took place online, facilitated by an innovative E-ballot system. A significant number of students, approximately 45.7%, participated, demonstrating their commitment to shaping the university's future, a notable increase from the previous year.

During the swearing-in ceremony held at Taifa Hall, there was a palpable sense of unity between UNSA leaders and the university administration. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama pledged to collaborate closely with UNSA to support student development initiatives.

Prof. Collins Odete, Chair of the UNSA Independent Electoral Commission, who oversaw the elections, commended the students for their participation and resilience. He also offered suggestions for improvements in future elections.

Overall, the UNSA elections of 2024 Faculty of arts and social sciences, marked a significant milestone in the university's history, promising a brighter future under the capable leadership of Team Benard Ojiambo.

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