10. We provide scholarships for students in our programs.

You can apply for full sponsored scholarships offering up to KES 100 000 per semester for school and research expenses. Some of the scholarships we offer include Rattansi Education, Rockefeller Foundation scholarships, Aga Khan Foundation scholarships and Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Fund Scholarship among others.

scholarships uon

9. We excel in co-curricular activities.

You can tailor your experience at CHSS by joining the University of Nairobi Free Travelling Theatre and captivate audiences with amazing drama.  You can also join the magical University of Nairobi choir and the mercurial mean machine rugby team among dozen other student organizations.

mean machine


8. We will connect you to our large network of professional contacts and alumni.

CHSS regularly hosts high profile seminars and public lectures where you can link up with leading industry experts and employers.

 alumni uon

7. You will encounter and experience the world with our student exchange programs.

CHSS has numerous partnerships with various universities across the world. Our students have gone on exchange programs abroad to universities including University of Soka in Japan, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada and University of Gothenburg in Sweden among others.


6. We have numerous specializations.

You can become whoever you want to be when you choose CHSS.  We help you gain multiple skills that can be applied across different fields while at the same time providing you an opportunity to become an expert in your chosen area of interest.


5. Prime Location

CHSS is based at the University of Nairobi’s main campus which is centrally located at the heart of Nairobi city. This is just a few minutes away from the National museums and numerous public service organizations.



4. You will learn from world class scholars.

The faculty in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is comprised of some of the best scholars in the world. The top notch academics are widely published and personally committed to academic excellence and research.


3. College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the biggest college at the University of Nairobi.

CHSS makes up 60% of student population in the entire University of Nairobi because of the marketability and demand of its industry oriented programs.


2. Our students are hired

According to a ministry of education Audit report done by commission for university education (CUE), 84% of employers preferred graduates from the University of Nairobi. This is supported by a 2012 British council report which states that employers in Kenya highly preferred graduates from the University of Nairobi.

career portal


1. You will earn more money.

Our industry oriented programs help students gain highly transferable and market oriented skills valued by employers. This means you will earn more money for your highly valued skills.