February 19, 7:30 am




The GEO-6 for Youth is UNEP’s first full interactive e-publication that provides engaging multimedia content and interactive features to inform, engage and lead to youth action. This landmark report represents an opportunity for UNEP to link the scientific efforts of the organization to youth, who have a crucial role in decision-making, entrepreneurship, and bringing about transformative change.

The event, through selected panelists and interactive discussion, will cover the three main areas of (1) Communicating science to the Youth, (2) Sustainable actions/activism and (3) Green jobs of the future and the skills to access these opportunities while taking in consideration the challenges young people are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Dr. Mohsen Gul, GEO-6 for Youth Author and Co-founder of Green Box Pakistan

 Geo-6 for Youth Co-chairs:

Dr. Nibedita Mukherjee, lecturer in the Global Challenges Programme at Brunel University London

Charles Mwangi, Research, Education and Outreach Lead at the Kenya Space Agency (KSA)


Inger Andersen, UN Environment Program Executive Director

Maria Jesus Iraola, Coordinating Lead Author for the Geo-6 for Youth 

Rohan Bhargava, Coordinating Lead Author for the Geo-6 for Youth 

Nathan Meunier, Member of the UNSG Youth Advisory Council on Climate and co-founder of the Generation Climate Europe

Nzambi Matee, Winner of Young Champions of the Earth 2020 and head of Gjenge Makers

Mai Thin Yu Mon, member of Indigenous Youth Caucus and Program Director for the Indigenous Peoples Development Program of Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO)

Alex Rendell, UN Environment Program National Goodwill Ambassador for Thailand, environmentalist and actor 

For more information, please follow the Youth Environment Assembly here.