The 8th edition of the University of Nairobi Innovation Week commenced from Wednesday, May 8th to Friday, May 10th, 2024, with a special opening ceremony held at the prestigious Taifa Hall. This year's theme, "Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem through Government-Industry-Academia Linkages for Sustainable Development," set the tone for the event.

The 2024 Innovation Week featured unique presentations from all ten faculties, interpreting innovation in their own way. The event was graced by VC Prof. Stephen Kiama, Hon. Ezekiel Machogu, CS Ministry of Education, CS Hon. Rebecca Miano, Trade, Investment, and Industrialization, DVCRIE Margaret Hutchinson, Prof. Mary Kinoti, Director IPMO, Mr. Abdi Mohamed, Managing Director and CEO of Absa Bank, Dr. Bimal Kantaria, Managing Director of Elgon Kenya, alongside members of staff, students, and other distinguished guests.

Following the opening ceremony, each faculty hosted plenary sessions tailored to their specific interests and innovations. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences took the spotlight on Friday, May 10th, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, focusing on the sub-theme "Cultivating Humanity through Responsible Ecosystems." Esteemed panelists and guest speakers, including Dr. Angella Ndaka, Wanjira Anjambi, and Sophia Karimi, led discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities linked to the utilization of AI, as well as the intersection of humanity and ecosystems through innovative approaches.

During this session, the faculty emphasized the importance of prioritizing humanity within ecosystems, emphasizing human well-being and ethical values when designing and managing ecosystems. By placing humanity at the forefront, they aimed to ensure that ecosystem development and management strategies are sustainable and beneficial for both people and the environment.

Dean Prof. Jack Odhiambo expressed the faculty's strong commitment to incorporating humanities into their initiatives, emphasizing the importance of drawing insights from society to instigate positive change for the enhancement of the community.

VC Prof. Stephen Kiama reiterated the university's commitment to fostering innovation to ensure global competitiveness and ongoing societal transformation.

In his part, Hon. Chief Guest, Ezekiel Machogu commended the University of Nairobi for fostering collaboration among stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem and urged them to measure their advancements.

CS  Investment, Trade, and Industrialization Rebecca Miano, stressed the importance of encouraging innovation. She promised that her ministry would support the university's long-term project.

Other speakers who addressed the audience included Prof. Margaret Hutchinson, Prof Mary Kinoti, Mr. Bimal Kantaria, Mr. Abdi Mohamed, Prof. Gaspard Banyankimbona, Rocha Madzao, and several others.


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