2024 International Chinese Language Day Event 

International Chinese Day 2024

The University of Nairobi celebrated the International Chinese Language at Chandaria Auditorium on Thursday, April 18,  2024. The event saw a collaboration between the University of Nairobi and Nanjing University with instructors and players of the traditional Instrument Orchestra of Nanjing University performing in a bid to promote diversity, beauty, and harmony.

Director, Corporate Affairs, Mr. John Orindi at the International Chinese Language Day event on April 18, 2024


In his opening remarks, Mr.Orindi, Director of Corporate Affairs acknowledged the presence of everyone present while emphasizing the fact the University of Nairobi aims to promote internationalization through International Cultural exchange that  Professor Wang Shangxue also acknowledged the presence of everyone including some Chinese delegations amongst the crowd.

A performance from Nanjing University students.

Wonderful performances such as Jambo, Charming Africa, All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix and the theme song of Dream of the Red Chamber were among some of the performances by Nanjing University showcased at the event.





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