Resolution of Public Complaints Committee

The Mandate of the committee shall be:-
i. To receive, register, sort, classify and document all Complaints against the Centre.
ii. To inquire into allegations of misuse of Office, unethical conduct, breach of integrity,
maladministration, delay, injustice, discourtesy, inattention misbehavior, inefficiency or
ineptitude etc;
iii. To oversee, co-ordinate, monitor and follow up specific action on channeled Complaints;
iv. To promote alternative dispute resolution through mediation (frontline resolution);
v. To ascertain whether on the face of it, there is merit in a Compliant, and thereafter to act
on the Complaint appropriately or refer the Complaint for redress;
vi. To publish quarterly reports on the number and nature of Complaints received and the
action taken by the committee.


  • Ms Zipporah Magaki -Coordinator/Secretary
  • Mr. Daniel Odhiambo -IDS
  • Ms Hilda Murungi -School of Business
  • Ms Stacey Mwamburi- Faculty of Arts
  • Ms Immaculate Akinyi -SOJMC
  • Ms Fridah Kivuli -IDIS
  • Mr. David Wanjui- School of Economics
  • Ms Susan Darya -CASELAP
  • Mr. David Sereti- IAGAS
  • Ms Linet Oeba -Confucius Institute
  • Ms Linda Aduda -School of Law
  • Dr. Agnes Andolo -PSRI
  • Ms Gertrude Mwaniki- CTI
  • Mr. Noel Manyenze -AWSC