Dr. Parita Shah                        -           Geography/Chair

Dr. Grace Nyamongo              -           AWSC/Member

Dr. Joseph Onjala                    -           IDS/Member

Dr. Jones Agwata                   -           CASELAP/Member

Dr. Iwona Bulska                    -           SOL/Member

Dr. Andrew Mutuku               -           PSRI/Member

Dr. Wilfred Subbo                  -           IAGAS/Member

Dr. Diana Kimani                    -           SOE/Member

Dr. Martin Ouma                    -           IDIS/Member

Mr. Churchill Kibisu               -           SOB/Member

Dr. Erick Odero                      -           CTI/Member

Ms Anne Gichuhi                    -           SOJ&MC/Member

Ms Wendy Cherono                -           Secretary


The terms of Reference for the Committee are:

  1. Domesticating the Environmental Policy at the workplace;
  2. Developing and implementing environmental awareness programmes;
  3. Promoting environmental protection and conservation through partnership with stakeholders;
  4. Providing periodic reports on College Environmental Sustainability activities and issues; and
  5. Other matters determined by the committee to be of relevance to environmental sustainability within the College in line with the University of Nairobi Environmental Policy.